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#1 Headboss

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Posted 17 August 2006 - 06:24 AM

Recruitment is OPEN (Contact Headboss, Breaknek, Phancy, Reht, Calien, Jardaormx or Deadbroke ):
Feel free to send any member a tell.

You can private message me personally at : Headboss

Inquire for details. RECRUITMENT IS OPEN, member openings are extremely limited.


Feel free to Private message (PM) ANY OFFICER. OR SEND TELLS IN GAME

  • Mage x 1
  • Beastlord x 1
  • Bard x 1
  • Shadowknight x 1
  • Paladin x 1
  • Shaman x 1
  • High Dps Classes (Rogue, Monk, etc, we are always looking for good DPS classes)

Crimson Tempest is an EST-based guild. Regular raid times* are as follows:
PST 4:30pm - 9:00pm | CST 6:30pm - 11:00pm | EST 730pm - 12:00am | CET 1:30am - 6:00am
(* raid times may vary depending on what events are up/server downtime/etc)
This schedule is from Sunday to Friday (We do have days off within the week, depending on content and progression. Expect to raid full time when a new expansion is released). Saturday is our official non-raid day. All statutory holidays are non-raid days until further notice.

We are ALMOST FULL as of now, but do not hesitate to ask.
Send a tell in-game or Private Message us.

Recruits MUST maintain a 75%+ RAID ATTENDENCE.

Feel free to post your application or PM us. Fill out your application and answer all the questions accordingly. Refer to http://forums.crimso...ral-information/)

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#2 Headboss

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Posted 21 July 2013 - 07:29 PM

Please send your application privately. Please make sure to include the following information:

* character name
* character class
* profile link (must accurately reflect your character including AA, magelo number, currently updated, etc) (Do you have epic 2.0+?)
* a short description of who you are (no personal details required) and why you want to be a member of Crimson Tempest
* your regular play times (make sure you know our raid times), post any days you "may" miss, up-coming vacations, etc. If you do happen to miss raids during your recruitment, tell an officer/me/or post it in the recruit forum.
* a history of your past servers and guilds and how long you've been playing and why did you leave your previous guild and/or are you changing guilds? (We do background checks..!!!)
* character/account ownership (are you the original owner?)
* What raiding experience do you have? Do you consider yourself a skilled, loyal, experienced raider/player?
* What are your goals in EQ? What are your long term plans? How many days, /played do you currently have?
* Does anyone else play your character outside raid time (family, friends, etc)?
* Do you have issues with constructive criticism?
* If your a DPS class (Melee/Caster), post what kinda of DPS you have done on raid events/bosses/etc in the past (provide parses)
* List the people you know from the Crimson Tempest Guild
* What Veteran AA's do you have? List if you have: Intensity of the Resolute and/or Staunch Recovery, etc etc.
* Don't forget to transfer your shared bank slots if you are a server transfer!
* If you have a poor internet connection or computer, please post about it. This can especially be a hinder on raid time. Try to have a decent computer and internet connection while you are computer gaming. It will make our lives and yours much easier, trust me.
* Make sure your ON-TIME, raids can be FULL most of the time, meaning you will be sitting out. If you do happen to be 1 to 2 hours late, you will be getting RA% NOT DKP for the entire day. Keep that in mind. This means being 1 minute or 2 minutes late etc, will not give you the on-time checkpoint. Good timekeeping is required here.

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