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Tier 4, Part 1

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Posted 30 January 2012 - 05:34 AM

Hello again folks, we are back we another update!

The first event we have for you guys this time is "Unearthing Alra" In the Pillars of Alra.

This was probably one of the most COMPLEX raids we have ever had to complete. Four towers meant we had to split our raid force four ways. Each tower had its own challenges to overcome and required some very creative strategies to win within the ten minute time frame. In the end however we managed to complete the towers and won the right to face Vsariard, the Revelation.

Posted Image

The boss however, was a pushover compared to the challenge of the towers. And with that let there be loot

Posted ImagePosted Image

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

The next event we completed was "The Cacophony of Power" in Windsong Sanctuary.

This event wasn’t nearly as bad as the Pillars one. After a couple of times getting completely beat down by musical instruments we figured out what had to be done to win. Note a sound was heard from the Echo of Ryken as we looted his chest.

Posted Image

Posted ImagePosted Image

Posted ImagePosted Image

We also add a couple of Trophies to our collection.

And of course the proof if anyone requires it.

Posted Image

We are currently working on the City of Bronze and then we will be on our way to the Sepulcher of Order. We take out time and enjoy ourselves.As always we are looking for some specific classes to fill out ranks. If you are a Necro, Bard, Paladin, Beastlord, or Bard and are interested in joining us please contact an officer about recruitment. If you are not one of those classes and think you are awesome enough to fit in, contact an officer as well and you may get a shot.

Until next time!

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