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Veil of Alaris - The Finale

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Posted 31 March 2012 - 07:35 PM

Well folks here is one of the biggest updates we have had, the final zone of the Veils of Alaris expansion. The Sepulcher of Order

The first event we have here is “Two Faces, One Vision”
Posted Image

Overall this event is pretty short and did not offer us much of a challenge. The hardest part of it is probably walking left to right...
Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side of the portal...

Next up we have “Raising the Dead”
Posted Image
Once again this was not a very difficult raid, hardest part of the raid is hoping the server doesn't crash or lag.

On to event three we go! This event is called “Fumerak the Quintessence”
Posted Image

To say we were a bit over confident going into one was an understatement. I believe this is by far the most complicated, taxing and brutal event we have ever tackled. It has adds that hit you for 75k and curb stomp you to the ground , or blind you for 30 seconds at a time while you furiously try to figure out where the F&@K you are. A boss that powers up and hits for truck load of damage, did we get that license plate number?. Oh did I mention the crystals in this meth lab? Yea those are awesome. Just wait until you get to them, they will make you high like a kite and color blind.

On to Event 4 we go! This one is called “Cacophony of Oratory”. (Ok when it came time for me to do this update I realized I didn’t have a screenshot for this event, so I made my own with my awesome “Draw Something” skills.) Simon Says...
Posted Image
This event overall isn’t too difficult. It can be either really easy or really hard. Sony of course when in doubt for creativity they add floating bats and lutes. The big issue here is the EMOTES, good lord is there sooooooo many emotes. Not only do you get hugely damaged with every missed emote. You damage everyone around you too! What a great way to make friends! Even our own inability to follow simple directions didn’t keep us from completing this event for loot!.

And now for the Finale! “The Triune God”
This events comes down to these guys
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

This has got to be the longest Wrestlemania event in Everquest history. With three phases spanning 1.5 hours with little to no breaks to regain mana or endurance, this event was a real challenge. This event also contained every annoying raid mechanic ever created. It had random deathtouches, pushes and pulls, emotes to be followed, viral dots, blinding, yucky dots, even super buffed up players getting charmed etc etc.

Other symptoms from this event:

sleep apnea
chronic daily headaches
deja vu
nervous breakdowns
sleep deprivation
brain loss

Everyone worked hard to overcome this difficult event before Sony does drastic changes to reduce the length and difficulty of the event.

Posted Image

We got achievements!!
Posted Image Posted Image
Our adventures in The Sepulcher of Order did of course provide us with some loot. And it will continue to do so for the upcoming months.
Posted Image
Posted Image

We also got some awesome looking trophys, with graphics from the pac-man era for our retro-fantasy guild hall. Only If they had a guildhall contest....... Special thanks to our guildhall designers: Phancy and family for creating such an exquisite place. Think of the Taj Mahal in lego blocks with african boa constrictors, and you got yourself a mansion.

There is a level 90 skill in Alaran recommended for these raids. Here is a good example of why
Posted Image
Posted Image

Here is a picture of our gigantic <fill in the blank> , displaying our wet, new titles and erect suffixs in the guild lobby. As we pull our <fill in the blank>, we celebrate and stroke our orgasmic egos for a **** job well done!

As always we are still recruiting shining, shooting, superstars. Those of the Sexy Clerics, Beautiful Bards, and those undead necrophilia guys, called Necromancers.
Feel free to send any member a tell.

~Until next time!

Brought to you from: Headboss, Subucnimorning, Slafani, Breaknek, Joraca, Deadbroke and the Crimson Tempest Crew.
Special thanks to Teannin for the update.

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