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Rain of Fear

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Posted 18 March 2013 - 11:40 PM

Welcome to Farm status. The hard work in Beta and dedication has finally paid off. Rain of
Fear is on a 2 night clear. The expansion was so short the only way to properly do injustice,
is with a montage from the 1980s, please be a Top Gun Beach Volley Ball scene.

For your viewing pleasure, we put together two redonkulous videos in this update:

Rain of Fear All Tiers:

Having fun yet? Once again Sony delivers innovative and creative raids within this expansion. Here is a blast from the past: Enter the Dragon with...

Rain of Fear was an awesome, but short lived experience. We can only
hope that the new coming content offers more of a challenge.

Here is an example of a raid event:

Where is Kid Icarus when you need him to slay a minotaur? That's right, too busy playing Cupid...Oh boy do we love that raid..

Here is one of the most memorable moments from our 3rd night in the expansion.
After defeating Grelleth in Tier 2, Deenmore took it upon herself to become
the new queen. Her new title is now officially Guardian of the Bacon.

We have also simplified the raiding paradigm in Crimson Tempest to two simple rules.

As you can see our strategy is quite simple. If you have what it takes to
adhere to these highly demanding rules, Check our recruitment needs <CLICK HERE>
We are currently looking for: Wizard, Shaman, Beastlord, Bard, Magician, and More!

Fabulous Quotes:


This update is brought to you from the beloved Crimson Tempest Team.

Special Thanks to Breaknek for the Videos (Don't you love the music?)


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