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Posted 18 April 2020 - 03:39 AM



We cleared T3 of TOV. This is usually where most guilds post a picture of either the corpses, the phat lewts, or everyone standing together in yeti illusions, like that time we were 2nd serverwide a few years ago that a few unnamed individuals who breathe so heavily from their mouths that they could keep a square mile of NYC oxygen deprived, don't seem to remember.


You'd be expecting that, and that's why you won't see that here.*


In any case, take our words for it, because Goonies never say die!


It's been...quite an expansion release from DayBarkGoFishPawCozid-20 Games. The experiment of replacing flagging with time released tiers yielded both positives and negatives, and changed the dynamics of The Race™. The positives being the fact that it opened up "more" raids for more guilds, without having that one gatekeeper of a raid blocking some guilds from seeing and experiencing the following tier. Many of those raids I really do enjoy, even the ones that are a bit of a slog to endure (Great Divide, Vindicator). The negatives....where do I begin? Unlocking raids midweek at noon, broken aspects to the raids, foregoing whole mechanics without detriment, 25+ minute events, nerfs and buffs to events that didn't need, T3 being delayed a month because of Daylight Savings Time (LUL), T3 being delayed again for four hours because servers went down, T3 being "delayed" AGAIN because servers went down mid-fight for many, and getting a monk 2h in the Velks chest tonight.


(the latter was probably the worst part)


When the dust settled though, only 51 were standing - 50 of us, 1 Velketor....I mean, there were two monks FD as well, but they weren't standing, so they didn't count on that tally. And that gargoyle at zone is was flapping, not standing. Not to mention the dozens of kobold and the ice witch down below....


....SHUT UP.


Congrats to everyone in Crimson Tempest that worked through sever outages, as well as multiple other roadblocks and challenges we've faced throughout the last year. We're looking to make it an even better year in 2021.


You should join in on that! Click the link on the upper left that says "Recruiting" if you're interested in raiding with us! We have all the information laid out there for you to check out. You can contact me (Galarian/Galerius) in-game if you have any questions!


*actually, the truth is I had so many tells going, working on spells and needing to use the restroom, that I forgot to take screenshots. You should probably apply to us then and be our screenshot taker person that's also a Paladin, Bard, Magician or a Shaman.